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Hey, I’m Heather, the person behind Auto Care HQ. I’m based in England and created this website and my YouTube channel to share everything I know about detailing and cleaning cars safely to get the best possible finish. On here you’ll find tonnes of guides to answer all sorts of detailing questions, along with a complete list of my recommended products.

Around 5 years ago, I discovered the world of detailing and found out how to properly wash a car safely to keep it looking it’s best. It started with proper wash technique and waxing, then I moved onto decontamination and finally I plucked up the courage to learn how to machine polish. I’ve learnt quite a bit since owning my first car, and now I use it all to keep my MX-5 RF looking as clean and shiny as possible.

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A Bit About Me

In addition to keeping my own vehicle looking fresh, I also detail part-time. I’d love to have more time to offer professional detailing & valeting services, however I also run full-time business called Media Bright which offers web design, SEO and content writing services.

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If you want to hear more about how I got into detailing then check out the Specky and Paul Talk Detailing podcast episode on Spotify. These guy’s have been into detailing for many years so it was great to have a chat to them about all things car care and YouTube!