Single-stage and two-stage machine polishing services in Cheshire to remove scratches and swirl marks, and enhance gloss

Machine Polishing Packages & Prices

Single-Stage Machine Polish

From £400

This package is designed to address vehicles with minor clear coat scratches and swirl marks. A single-stage enhancement polish is used to rejuvenate the finish which is then locked in with a ceramic coating.

Two-Stage Machine Polish

From £600

For vehicles with heavier clear coat defects, a two-stage machine polish is used to cut deeper imperfections and then refine the finish. The paintwork is then protected using a ceramic coating.

What’s the Process?

With both the single-stage and two-stage polishing packages, the following steps are performed. The only difference between the process is that an additional polishing stage is performed in the two-stage machine polishing package. Please note that this package does not include any interior work but this can be added as an extra if desired.

Exterior safe-wash
Tar and iron deposit removal
Clay bar treatment
Machine polishing stage(s)
1-year ceramic coating application
Tyre & trim dressing application

Extras & Add-Ons

What is machine polishing?

Machine polishing, also known as paint correction, is the process of removing a thin layer of clear coat to eliminate scratches and swirl marks. This process causes the paintwork to look shinier and enhances depth of gloss.

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