Accessories and Equipment

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Getting good quality equipment and tools is as important, if not more so than getting good detailing chemicals. This category is all about my favourite accessories and it’s split into the following sections.

MJJC Foam Cannon Pro

This is a premium foam cannon with loads of great features. It has a weighted pickup pipe, which allows you to dispense foam even if you’re holding it at an angle with little product left in the bottle. It has spare filters and a second orifice for producing even thicker foam. The built-quality is also top drawer.

Here are links to the MJJC Foam Cannon Pro:

IK Foamer and Sprayer

I picked up the IK Foamer to pair it with Garage Therapy /One: Wheel Shampoo. It does an excellent job at foaming up the chemical and dispenses the product inside with good pressure and for a long time (at least enough to coat a couple of wheels).

I use the IK Sprayer for pre-washing the car using either a citrus or APC product. This doesn’t produce a foam but allows me to quickly cover the car in product.

IK Foamer Links:

IK Sprayer Links:

MTM Hydro SGS35

I’m a big fan of these short quick release triggers as they’re miles easier than the longer lances to handle. This is one of the more expensive ones on the market and the benefits are that it has stainless steel internals/ quick disconnects and an easy-pull trigger.

Check out the MTM SGS35.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative check out the In2Detailing Karcher K Series Short Trigger.

In2Detailing Wire Braided Karcher Hose

I’ve always found the standard Karcher pressure washer hose to be too short and noticed it has a tendency to kink up. I swapped this out for the In2Detailing Wire Braided Hose which comes in different lengths (I have the 10 meter one) and doesn’t kink up as much as the original one so it’s far less frustrating to use!

Check out the In2Detailing Wire Braided Karcher Hose.

BLO-Air RS Car Dryer

I use this piece of equipment to dry my entire vehicle without touching it which helps to reduce the risk of inflicting scratches and swirls. It also helps to blast water out of areas like the mirrors and grille which are otherwise difficult to dry.

Check out the BLO Air-RS.

Microfiber Towels

I use several different types of microfiber towels for different purposes. Here is a list of some of my favourites:

For the USA website use code “AUTOCAREHQ15” and for the UK website use code “ACHQ15” to get a 15% discount on The Rag Company products.

  • Drying Towel: The Rag Company Pluffle (USA Link and UK Link)
  • Removing Ceramic Coatings/ Panel Wipe Solution: The Rag Company Pearl (USA Link and UK Link)
  • Buffing Waxes and Sealants: The Rag Company Edgeless 365 (USA Link and UK Link)
  • Applying Quick Detailer Spray: The Rag Company Eagle Edgeless 500 (USA Link and UK Link)
  • Glass Cleaning: The Rag Company Diamond Weave (USA Link and UK Link)

Microfiber Wash Mitt

If you’ve checked out the rest of the blog, then you’ll know that I never use sponges or brushes to wash my car because they are guaranteed to cause scratches and swirls. Instead, I use a microfiber wash mitt because it’s gentle on the paintwork. This cyclone wash mitt by The Rag Company is super soft and holds plenty of suds. It’s the go-to mitt that I use on my own car.

Links to The Rag Company Cyclone Microfiber Wash Mitt.

  • USA Link (use code “AUTOCAREHQ15” for 15% off)
  • UK Link (use code “ACHQ15” for 15% off)