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Getting good quality equipment and tools is as important, if not more so than getting good detailing chemicals. This category is all about my favourite accessories and it’s split into the following sections:

  • Foam Cannon
  • Pressure Sprayer/ Foamer
  • Pressure Washer Accessories
  • Microfiber
  • Brushes
  • Car Dryer

Foam Cannon

MJJC Foam Cannon Pro

This is a premium foam cannon with loads of great features. It has a weighted pickup pipe, which allows you to dispense foam even if you’re holding it at an angle with little product left in the bottle. It has spare filters and a second orifice for producing even thicker foam. The built-quality is also top drawer.

Check out the MJJC Foam Cannon Pro.

Pump Sprayer and Foamer

IK Foamer

I picked this up to pair IT with Garage Therapy /One: Wheel Shampoo. It does an excellent job at foaming up the chemical and dispenses the product inside with good pressure and for a long time (at least enough to coat a full wheel).

It’s not a must-have product, but if you’re looking for a way to speed up the wheel cleaning process, and one that looks pretty cool whilst you do it, then it’s well worth a look!

Check out the IK Foamer on Amazon.

IK 1.5 Multi Pressure Sprayer

Unlike the previous product, this sprayer doesn’t create any foam. It’s perfect for applying pre-wash chemicals to the car and is miles easier than using a trigger sprayer.

Check out this IK 1.5 Multi Pressure Sprayer on Amazon.

Pressure Washer Accessories

Karcher K Series Short Trigger

I purchased this short trigger attachment from In2Detailing and it probably wouldn’t be an understatement to say it’s changed my life! It’s miles easier than the longer triggers to handle, it comes with multiple attachment for different purposes, and the trigger itself is very responsive.

These are becoming very popular at the moment and this one is really well-built and very good value for money.

Check out the Karcher K Series Short Trigger.

Aftermarket Karcher Hose

I’ve always found the standard Karcher pressure washer hose to be too short and noticed it has a tendency to kink up. I now use the In2Detailing Wire Braided Hose which comes in different lengths (I have the 10 meter one) and doesn’t kink up like the original one so it’s far less frustrating to use!

Check out the In2Detailing Wire Braided Karcher Hose.


Garage Therapy Wash Pad

If you’ve checked out the rest of the blog, then you’ll know that I never use sponges or brushes to wash my car because they are guaranteed to cause scratches and swirls. Instead, I use a microfiber wash mitt because it’s gentle on the paintwork.

This Garage Therapy Wash Pad is very safe and gentle on the paint and holds plenty of wash solution. This is the go-to product I use when cleaning my own car.

Check out the Garage Therapy Wash Pad.

Carbon Collective 320gsm Edgeless

The quality is excellent and the towels feel very soft and safe to use on the paintwork. They have a 70:30 blend which is safer compared to cheaper cloths which typically have an 80:20 blend. They’re also good value for money when you pick up a 5-pack.

Check the Carbon Collective 320gsm Edgeless microfiber cloths out here.


GB Detailing Premium Brush Set

These are super soft and really well-made. I’ve been using them a lot recently and they show absolutely no signs of wear. They are delicate enough to use on the interior, and on the badges and trim on the exterior.

Check out the GB Detailing Premium Brush Set.

Mammoth Woolly Wheel Wand

This is the best brush that I’ve found for fitting into small gaps to effectively clean the wheel barrel. It’s very soft so perfect for sensitive finishes.

Check out the Mammoth Woolly Wheel Wand.

EZ Detail Brushes

I own the large EZ Detail brush and the “EZ Go” brush. The large brush is great for cleaning the barells on very dirty wheels, whilst the “Go” brush is perfect for cleaning the wheel arches.

Check out the Large EZ Detail Brush and the EZ Go Brush on Amazon.

In2Detailing Tyre Brush

For cleaning very mucky tyres I always go for this brush. It has very stiff bristles and works really well at pulling engrained dirt out of the tire wall.

Check out the In2Detailing Tyre Brush.

Car Dryer


I use this piece of equipment to dry my entire vehicle without touching it which helps to reduce the risk of inflicting scratches and swirls. It also helps to blast water out of areas like the mirrors and grille which are otherwise difficult to dry.

Check out the BLO Air-RS.