Keep the interior and exterior of your vehicle in check with a full car maintenance valet. Typically performed on a regular basis to ensure your vehicle stays looking immaculate.

Wheel faces, barrels, tyres and arches cleaned
Two-stage pre-wash (using citrus and snow foam)
Two-bucket hand-wash using a microfiber mitt
Drying stage using a plush microfiber towel
Tyres and black plastic trim dressed
Door shuts wiped down and protected
Exterior windows cleaned
Interior vacuum
Anti-microbial cleaner used on plastic surfaces
Steering wheel cleaned to leave a non-sticky finish
Floor mats vacuumed and steam cleaned
Upholstery wiped down with a dedicated cleaner
Intricate areas e.g. vents are dusted
Interior windows cleaned

Please note that this service is not designed for excessively soiled vehicles. If your vehicle is excessively dirty, or has pet hair or sand then an additional charge will be necessary. This will be discussed prior to carrying out the service. If you require a deeper clean to remove stains or odours, please visit the interior deep clean service page.

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