Tyres and Trim

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If you want your car to have that freshly detailed look, then you’ll need to pay as much attention to the tyres and trim as you do to the paint. Neglecting these details can really show the age of a car. Here are some of the products I use to keep my car looking brand new.

  • GB Detailing Onyx Tyre and Trim Dressing
  • Garage Therapy /ONE: Tyre Serum 
  • Bilt Hamber Surfex HD


Tyre Dressing 

Garage Therapy /ONE: Tyre Serum

This product is more than just a tyre dressing, as it also has replenishing and protective properties. I’ve found that continued use of this product creates a very weather-resistant finish, making it the longest lasting tyre finishing product that I’ve tried. It’s also very easy to work with, and requires a very small amount on a foam applicator to ensure even coverage. It leaves a lovely satin finish which completes the “detailed look” but without being too distracting or over the top for my taste! 

Check out Garage Therapy /ONE: Tyre Serum.


Trim Dressing 

Gtechniq T1 Tire and Trim Dressing

This is one of the first car care products I purchased and has remained a firm favourite for a good couple of years. You barely need any product to ensure even coverage and it’s thin gel-like consistency is easy to work with allowing you to achieve a streak-free finish. I mainly use this on the trim, however you can use it on the tyres for a satin finish.

Check out Gtechniq T1 Tire and Trim Dressing. 



Autoglanz Rebound

For deep cleaning and preparing the tyres before applying a dressing, I like to use this product. It’s the most powerful tyre cleaner I’ve found and it’s capable of cleaning even very dirty and neglected tyres in a single hit which saves a lot of time compared to weaker diluted APCs.