Tyres and Trim

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If you want your car to have that freshly detailed look, then you’ll need to pay as much attention to the tyres and trim as you do to the paint. Neglecting these details can really show the age of a car.

Here are links some of the products I use to look after the tyres and trim.

Garage Therapy /ONE: Tyre Serum

This has been the go-to product for my tyres for well over a year now. It leaves a lovely satin finish and has incredible durability. It’s more than just a dressing as it conditions the tyres and after the first few times of applying it, I noticed that the tires stayed much cleaner between washes and still repelled water.

Here is a link to the Garage Therapy /ONE: Tyre Serum.

Check out this video to see the results after continued use of the product.

Gtechniq C4 Permanent Trim Restorer

I applied this to my car about 6 months ago as I was looking for something that I could apply to the black plastics that would last longer than a regular dressing. It was straight-forward to apply and has been performing really well meaning there’s no need to apply a product every wash to the trim on my car anymore.

Here are links to Gtechniq C4:

Here’s a video on my YouTube channel showing the application and performance of the product.