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Here are some of my favourite car wash products.

  • Valet Pro Citrus Prewash (dilutable spray prewash product)
  • Squid Ink Alkafroth (snow foam)
  • Garage Therapy /One: Wheel Shampoo (maintenance wheel shampoo)
  • Garage Therapy /One: Car Shampoo (maintenance wash shampoo)

Citrus Prewash

Valet Pro Citrus Pre Wash 

When my car is really dirty, I like to start the wash process with a citrus prewash spray. This particular one is dilutable so really cost effective, foams up very nicely when agitated on areas like the tyres or wheel arches, and smells brilliant too. I like to use it at a ratio of 7:1 of product: water. 

Check out Valet Pro Citrus Pre Wash.  

Snow Foam

Squid Ink Alkafroth

This is a lesser known snow foam in the detailing industry and it definitely deserves more attention. It’s thick, has a good dwell time, economical dilution ratio and most importantly, it has excellent cleaning ability.

I tested this snow foam against some other popular choices and I was really pleased with how it performed. You can see this comparison on my YouTube channel.

Check out Squid Ink Alkafroth Snow Foam.

Wheel Shampoo

Garage Therapy /ONE: Wheel Shampoo

I was a bit sceptical about wheel shampoos before I tried them, but I’ve now been using them for well over a year on my car and love the results.

My favourite is the Garage Therapy Wheel Shampoo which I use in an IK Foamer at a 1:50 ratio. It has great cleaning power and foams up really nicely. Plus it is very economical at this dilution ratio. Alternatively, it can be used in a bucket (roughly 20 mL to 20 L of water).

Here’s a video showing this product in action.

Check out the Garage Therapy Wheel Shampoo.

Maintenance Shampoo

Garage Therapy /ONE: Car Shampoo

This has remained my favourite shampoo for maintenance washes for a long time now. It’s a pH neutral pure shampoo which means it doesn’t contain any waxes or gloss-enhancers which could clog up the existing protection on the car.

I like to use about 15 mL in a 20 L bucket of water, or apply it directly onto the car using a foam cannon. I find this works best at a 1:9 ratio in the foam cannon. This helps to make the contact wash even safer by adding plenty of lubrication.

Check out the Garage Therapy Car Shampoo.