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Here are some of my favourite car wash products.

  • Valet Pro Citrus Prewash (dilutable spray prewash product)
  • Bilt Hamber Auto Foam (snow foam)
  • Garage Therapy /One: Wheel Shampoo (maintenance wheel shampoo)
  • Garage Therapy /One: Car Shampoo (maintenance wash shampoo)
  • Garage Therapy /Zero: Decontamination Shampoo (cleansing shampoo)

Citrus Prewash

Valet Pro Citrus Pre Wash 

When my car is really filthy, I like to start the wash process with a citrus prewash spray. This particular one is dilutable so really cost effective, foams up very nicely when agitated on areas like the tyres or wheel arches, and smells brilliant too. I like to use it at a ratio of 6:1 to 8:1 of product: water. 

Check out Valet Pro Citrus Pre Wash.  

Snow Foam

Bilt Hamber Auto Foam

I’m a huge fan of the Bilt Hamber range particularly when it comes to their wash products. This is by far the most effective pre-wash product I’ve used. It doesn’t produce super thick foam, so if that’s what you’re after then it isn’t the right product for you. But if you want a snow foam that has amazing cleaning ability to make the wash process much safer and reduce the risk of scratches, then this is perfect.

Check out Bilt Hamber Auto Foam on Amazon.


Wheel Shampoo

Garage Therapy /One: Wheel Shampoo

I never really thought I’d need a dedicated wheel shampoo until I tried this product. But now I honestly wouldn’t be without it.

It provides brilliant lubrication to reduce the risk of scratches on delicate polished or black rims, and it definitely provide a boost in cleaning power compared to bodywork shampoos. You can use it in an foaming pump sprayer or just with water in a bucket. It also works really well on the tyres and wheel arches too.

Check out Garage Therapy /One: Wheel Shampoo.


Maintenance Wash Car Shampoo

Garage Therapy /One: Car Shampoo

Another great Garage Therapy product. This is a super slick and sudsy shampoo that feels very safe on the paintwork. This pH neutral shampoo is a “pure” shampoo, so won’t leave behind any residue and washes away freely to reveal the fresh finish underneath left behind by whatever wax or sealant is on the vehicle currently, rather than masking it and inhibiting the behaviour.

Check out Garage Therapy /One: Car Shampoo.


Decontamination Shampoo

Garage Therapy /Zero: Decontamination Shampoo

This is quite a unique shampoo that is very potent. It’s designed to clean very dirty vehicles, cleanse the paintwork and help remove old waxes and sealants. It’s a fantastic product that’s very foamy and has ridiculously good cleaning power. I use this product when dealing with neglected vehicles, or before apply a new sealant or wax to my car to prep the paintwork.

Check out Garage Therapy /Zero: Decontamination Shampoo.