Recommended Interior Care Products

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Soft99 Wash Mist

ODK Encore

LRC1 Cleaner

LRC4 Cream

Looking for equipment and tools too? Check out my recommended accessories page for brushes, cloths etc.

Soft99 Wash Mist

I keep on top of my car’s interior so it always stays looking pretty clean. One of my favourite products I use to maintain it is Soft99’s Wash Mist which I use to give the car a quick wipe down once a week. It leaves a clean finish behind without any residue and has a nice fresh smell.

Here is a link to Soft99 Wash Mist

ODK Encore Interior Cleaner

I’ve been using this product more frequently to clean dirtier interiors and it does an excellent job. It foams up really nicely when agitated and has a lovely fresh sent. It’s become a go-to product for cleaning both plastics and fabrics. I tend to use it at a 1:5 dilution, making it a very cost-effective product.

Here is a link to ODK Encore

Leather Repair Company LRC1 Cleaner

This is a sprayable cleaner that you work into the leather using either microfiber, or a soft bristle brush. I use this to give my leather seats a deep clean and remove all the oil and dirty build up every few months.

Here is an Amazon link to the LRC1 Cleaner

Leather Repair Company LRC4 Protection Cream

This helps reduce friction so the leather is less likely to crack and wear and offers some protective properties such as UV-protection and it also stops dye transfer from jeans etc. on the leather. It’s super easy to apply and is leather scented which is a lovely touch.

Here is an Amazon link to LRC4