Recommended Correction & Enhancement Products

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The Final Polish

Scholl S17+

Meguiar’s Microfiber Cutting Disks

Chemical Guy’s Hexlogic Foam Pads

Poorboy’s Black Hole Glaze

Finishing Polish: The Last Polish

This is my favourite polish to help refine the paintwork after claying or compounding. It really creates a mirror shine and brings out the gloss. Plus it’s really easy to work with in all temperatures, doesn’t dust and buffs off nice and easily.

Here is a link to The Final Polish

Compound: Scholl S17+

This works well when I need a bit more cut. In some cases, this refines well enough to work as a one step, but on other paints I find that following up with a finishing polish is necessary.

Here is a link to Scholl S17+

Microfiber Pads: Meguiar’s Microfiber Cutting Disks

These are what I use on paintwork that needs a bit more attention. Microfiber has a higher level of cut to it than foam, so I like to use it on heavily swirled clear coats. The Microfiber Cutting Disks come in packs of two, and are really great value.

Here are links to the Meguiar’s Microfiber Cutting Disks:

Foam Pads: Chemical Guy’s Hexlogic Pads

These are a great alternative to microfiber pads. Again, they’re very durable and excellent quality. They come in a variety of sizes and cutting abilities. Personally, I have 4 types. The blue finishing pad, white polish pad, orange medium-heavy cutting pad, and the yellow for heavy cutting.

Here are links to the white Chemical Guy’s Hexlogic Pads:

Glaze: Poorboy’s Black Hole

If you want a mirror finish, but don’t want to remove any clear coat, then you can use a glaze for a temporary fix. Glazes cover and fill minor clear coat scratches and swirl marks in a car’s paintwork, giving it a glossier appearance, but without cutting away paint like polishes do.

My favourite glaze is called Blackhole by a brand called Poorboy’s. It’s incredibly easy to apply and remove and does an excellent job of filling in minor clear coat scratches and swirls. Plus it smells pretty nice too! Keep in mind that it’ll only fill in minor imperfections, you’ll need to use an abrasive to remove heavier ones.

Here are links to Poorboy’s Black Hole: