Glass Care

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Keeping the glass clean and protected not only completes the overall “detailed look”, but it is also vital in order to drive safely. Here are my favourite glass care products.

  • Garage Therapy /ONE: Glass Cleaner
  • Pyramid Car Care Glass Coating
  • CarPro Ceriglass Polish

Glass Cleaner

Garage Therapy /ONE: Glass Cleaner

This is a no nonsense glass cleaner that’s easy to use, doesn’t leave streaks and just does a good job at getting the windows looking squeaky clean.

Here’s a link to the Garage Therapy Glass Cleaner.

Glass Coating

Pyramid Car Care Carbon Glass Coating

Applying some protection to the glass means that the water will bead up and roll off the windscreen when driving on faster roads, and makes it easier for the windscreen wipers to clear the glass.

I had this coating on my car for a year before it needed reapplying and it really helped to improve visibility when driving in the rain. It’s very easy to apply and comes with an applicator included.

You simply need to wipe it on the windows in a cross-hatch pattern, wait for 15-20 seconds and then buff off. I like to apply a second coating after a few hours. After application, the glass must not get wet for 4 hours.

Here’s a link to the Pyramid Car Care Carbon Glass Coating.

Glass Polish

CarPro Ceriglass

I like to deep clean the glass using this product before applying a coating to ensure it can properly bond and last for as long as possible.

This product can be worked into the glass either by hand or by machine and leaves it squeaky clean by removing any water or chemical stains that glass cleaners aren’t capable of tackling.

Here’s a link to CarPro Ceriglass on Amazon.