Glass Care

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Keeping the glass clean and protected not only completes the overall “detailed look”, but it is also vital in order to drive safely. Here are my favourite glass care products.

  • Car Chem Clear View Glass Cleaner
  • GB Detailing Vitro Glass Cleaner
  • Pyramid Car Care Glass Coating

Hydrophobic Glass Cleaner

Car Chem Clear View Glass Cleaner

This is the glass cleaner that I use on the exterior windows. It does a great job at cleaning, whilst also leaving a hydrophobic coating. This means that water literally flies off the windscreen when I’m driving, without using the wipers. It really helps with visibility and makes driving safer.

Take a look at the video below to see it in action.

Check out Car Chem Clear View Glass Cleaner.

Standard Glass Cleaner

Bouncer’s Look Sharp

This is a no nonsense glass cleaner that’s easy to use, doesn’t leave streaks and just does a good job at getting the windows looking squeaky clean. It doesn’t leave any water-repellent coating behind, so it’s my glass cleaner of choice on the interior.

Here’s a like to Bouncer’s Look Sharp.


Glass Protection 

Pyramid Car Care Glass Coating

This is a really easy to use and durable way to protect your car’s windscreen and give it a very hydrophobic finish. It’s very quick to apply (the whole process takes around 30 seconds) and the level of protection is outstanding. I recently make a video comparing this coating, along with 5 other glass protection products on my YouTube channel and it came out on top! 

Check out the Pyramid Car Care Glass Coating.