Heather is a professional car detailer & valeter based in Cheshire and the owner of Auto Care HQ. A familiar face in the car detailing community, she has written over 200 car detailing guides on autocarehq.com and has produced over 165 videos on the Auto Care HQ YouTube channel.

Second Channel Announcement | Auto Care HQ Extra

I’ve just created a second channel called Auto Care HQ Extra which I’m planning on using mainly for short-form videos and potentially some vlogs/ behind-the-scenes style content. Everything is staying the same on this channel, Auto Care HQ Extra is…

Best Winter Car Detailing Products 2024

In this video I’ll be talking about my favourite products for car detailing during the winter months. This includes pre-washes, protection, accessories and equipment which help make detailing and cleaning a car a little easier when it’s cold outside!

Interview on The Cleaner Cast

Recently I was invited on The Cleaner Cast to have a chat with Jamie about the Auto Care HQ brand. I was very excited to get involved after being a regular listener of the podcast for the past couple of years and…

Launch of the Auto Care HQ Newsletter

I’m very excited to announce the launch of the Auto Care HQ newsletter! The plan is to use this to provide some extra content such as products of the month and exclusive tips. Simply hit the button below to sign-up.