How to Safely Clean a Car Touch Screen (Infotainment Screen)

Fingerprints and dust on a car’s infotainment screen can easily make the interior look pretty dirty. In this article I’ll explain how to clean a car’s touch screen without damaging the surface.

What You’ll Need

  • Microfiber towel
  • Interior detailer or vehicle glass cleaner
  • Ultra-soft detailing brush

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Microfiber Towel Selection

Microfiber towels are the safest option for cleaning infotainment screens because they are very soft and less likely to cause marring, and leave lint compared to cotton towels. Also do not use paper towels for the same reasons.

I usually avoid using a fluffy microfiber towel though, as this can leave lint on the screen. Instead, I use a soft microfiber glass towel, or a microfiber towel with a twisted loop weave (see below).

Here are links to my favourite options:

Cleaner Selection

There are two options here:

Either of these choices will effectively clean the touchscreen but without leaving any streaks or smears.

Avoid using any household cleaners or strong interior cleaners on the infotainment screen as these may damage the coating which provides anti-static and anti-glare properties.

You should also make sure you use an ammonia-free glass cleaner, so avoid using glass cleaners designed for household use, and instead use one designed for automotive glass as these are typically ammonia-free. Ammonia will damage the surface of the sat nav screen.

Brush Selection

You do not need to brush the display screen itself, but the gaps around the screen are much easier to clean by using a detail brush which allows you to dust the more intricate areas. Make sure you use an ultra-soft detailing brush (product link) to avoid damaging the surface.

Step #1 Dust the Area Around the Screen

For best results, tackle the dust around the infotainment screen first, so it doesn’t get caught on the microfiber towel in the next step. Use the soft detailing brush to dust the intricate areas around the screen, but do not use it on the screen itself.

Step #2 Spray the Cleaner onto the Microfiber Towel

I always advise spraying the interior detailer/ glass cleaner on the microfiber towel rather than directly on the screen. This way you prevent overspray and eliminate the risk of getting the chemical in any of the buttons or vents surrounding the screen.

You do not need to saturate the towel. Just add 4-5 sprays onto one side of a folded microfiber towel.

Step #3 Wipe the Infotainment Screen in a Cross-Hatch Pattern

Next, take your damp cloth and wipe the screen in a cross-hatch pattern (vertically and horizontally). This will allow you to achieve even coverage. I usually wipe the screen in a cross-hatch pattern 2-3 times to ensure the screen has been fully cleaned before moving onto the next step.

You should be nice and gentle when wiping the screen, there’s no need to scrub at it. Let the cleaner and the towel do the work.

Step #4 Flip the Towel and Wipe Until Dry

Next, flip your microfiber towel to a dry side, and then wipe the screen using the cross-hatch pattern again 2-3 times until the cleaner has completely evaporated. Wiping the screen until it is dry ensures that you are not left with any streaks or smears.

Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning Infotainment Screens


Do use an automotive glass cleaner or interior detail spray
Do use a lint-free microfiber towel
Do wipe the screen in a cross-hatch pattern to ensure even coverage
Do use a soft detailing brush to dust the area around the screen
Do fully wipe the screen dry to avoid streaks and smears


Do not vacuum the screen using any attachments
Do not use cotton or paper towels
Do not use household or strong interior cleaners
Do not use glass cleaners containing ammonia
Do not spray the cleaner onto the screen directly


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